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Word Prediction

See Medium article for a more in-depth explanation

Initialize a HappyWordPrediction object to perform word prediction.

Initialization Arguments:

  1. model_type (string): Specify the model name in all caps, such as “ROBERTA” or “ALBERT”
  2. model_name(string): below is a URL that contains potential models: MODELS

Note: For all Transformers, the masked token is “[MASK]”

We recommend using “HappyWordPrediction(“ALBERT”, “albert-xxlarge-v2”)” for the best performance

Example 4.0:

    from happytransformer import HappyWordPrediction
    # --------------------------------------#
    happy_wp_distilbert = HappyWordPrediction("DISTILBERT", "distilbert-base-uncased")  # default
    happy_wp_albert = HappyWordPrediction("ALBERT", "albert-base-v2")
    happy_wp_bert = HappyWordPrediction("BERT", "bert-base-uncased")
    happy_wp_roberta = HappyWordPrediction("ROBERTA", "roberta-base")


Word prediction with training (DistilBERT, RoBERTa)

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