Text-to-Text Basic Usage


The method generate_text() contains 2 arguments:

  1. text (string): The text prompt for the model.
  2. args (TTSettings): See this webpage for more information

Returns: An object with a single field called “text”

Example 7.1:

from happytransformer import HappyTextToText, TTSettings
happy_tt = HappyTextToText()  # default uses t5-small
top_p_sampling_settings = TTSettings(do_sample=True, top_k=0, top_p=0.8, temperature=0.7,  min_length=20, max_length=20, early_stopping=True)
result = happy_tt.generate_text("translate English to French: nlp is a field of artificial intelligence", args=top_p_sampling_settings)
print(result)  # TextToTextResult(text="nlp est un domaine de l'intelligence artificielle...")
print(result.text)  # nlp est un domaine de l’intelligence artificielle. n


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